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Lenso Rugged Terrain RT-X OWL 265/60R18LT 119/116Q 10PR


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Challenges that are ready for you to experience. with a new experience that is ready to travel and take you to every destination you want. With a distinctive, beautiful, unique pattern of the RT-X tyre.

As a result, it can respond to all surfaces, including black roads, wet roads, as well as off-road routes. and road grip increase driving mood like the king of the road. It’s a new option for waders that shouldn’t be missed. The quality is tight, full, more than the price. Ready for you to dabble in every route with confidence. In your own style

RT-X tires answer the problem of wading lines that tear every rule, go all the way.

Tires that revolutionize driving to the next level with LENSO TYRES. Distinguished by the sleek design. With tread grooves that enhance the properties to reduce driving noise as well respond to every drive with a structure that provides flexibility. Suitable for all road conditions.

Technical Specs

Specification Details
Brand Lenso
Rugged Terrain RT-X OWL
Width 265
Profile 60
Diameter 18
Load/Speed Rating 119/116Q 10PR


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